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With my dislike of clear blue skies for photography, probably because I fail to make any photographs of any note in those conditions, it has been difficult to find any subject matter to photograph recently. Bright sunny conditions with high contrast really make it difficult to get a good tonal range for most subjects. Apart from the yellow gorse flowers that are quite abundant at the moment, there are no other wild flowers out there that would look good against a clear blue sky. Most of the current flowers are woodland based – Bluebells and Ransoms, so getting a clear blue sky background is difficult.

By leaving my trips?till later in the day there are some areas of shade available to provide areas of less contrast to photograph in. It was in one of these that I found the carcass of a sheep. These days with the regulations on disposal of dead animals, finding a carcass is unusual. I couldn’t get a good composition with the whole carcass, so I concentrated on the skull. With very little colour in the image, I always visualised it as a black & white image.

Ryers Down20150418_NCD0304

Trying to get a clear shot of an isolated branch of Hawthorn flowers is quite difficult as the branches are normally quite densely packed together, especially with more Hawthorn blossom in the background getting in the way. I was pleased to find this branch far enough away from the others to get a good separation of the background, but with some blossom in the background that would blur nicely. A nice patch of shade?really helped as well to keep the contrast down, but gives a bluish tint to the image which I quite like.

Ryers Down20150418_NCD0293Ryers Down20150418_NCD0304

The above shot shows that even just before sunset, the contrast?was high and with my lens pointing towards the sun flare formed on the image. I back lit the gorse flowers to highlight their colour and get some separation from the background. I quite like the flare as it gives the feel of a warm sunny evening, which it was. Now I still need to find some subjects for the clear blue sky.


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