Clyne Valley Country Park20151011_DCS9920

I needed a new location or to revisit one I hadn’t been to for a while as it is easy to end up keep repeating similar compositions in the same old areas. I wanted to experiment a bit with the images and not feel bound by any particular rules.

The above image is a black and white conversion of an image made of the reflections visible in the small pond at the entrance to the park. Removing the colour confines the image to its basic structures and with a still surface, the details were well defined.

Clyne Valley Country Park20151011_DCS9945

Seed heads are always a good subject, especially in winter with some frost on them. In the image above I wanted to contrast the pale stems against the green background and used the stems to create some leading lines and a frame of the main subject.

Clyne Valley Country Park20151011_DCS9926

The final image is just an experiment in the challenges of photographing a green subject on a green background. A polariser removed the reflections from the leaves, helping to saturate the colours. The difference in textures help separate the leaves from the tree trunk. In Lightroom I darkened the edges of the frame slightly to focus the viewers attention on the fern leaves.


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