Bay of Fire - Worms Head, Gower Peninsula

After travelling on the road for a few weeks, I was nice to come back home to scenes like this. I had been doing a 1-2-1 tuition day based at Worm’s Head and Mewslade Bay. It can be a long day as I normally start at 9.00am, so some clients after a few hours have had enough of my chatter and leave late afternoon. This was one of those days and I wish my client had been able to stay longer as the sky turned from a promising sight to grey cloud and then back to stunning sunset!

I’m calling this image Bay of Fire, as the orange colour and cloud patterns remind me of fire. This is a pretty straight forward shot, with only a 0.6ND (2 stop) graduated filter placed over the sky and then exposed for the silhouette of the headland. Camera white balance was on daylight, which seems to be the setting I use mostly these days as it mimics the colour temperatures that I used to see in my film images.

There were quite a few other photographers present at this time, and I noticed that nobody apart from myself tried any other image than horizontal. It is always worth trying to take horizontal and vertical images of a subject if possible, sometimes you can be surprised with the results.


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  • Dan Santillo says:

    That’s one of the best Worm’s Head sunsets I’ve seen! Great capture. It’s the reflection that makes it.

  • Nick says:

    Hi Dan,
    Totally agree with your comment. The images I took of the Worms Head without the reflection in the wet sand didn’t work as well. I think this is because the clouds are actually quite chaotic and not structured well.
    Thanks for looking and commenting!

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