Mute Swans 'necking'

Once again another day on my road trip was blessed with sunshine. After spending the early morning in Richmond Park, I moved onto the WWT London Wetlands Centre down the road in Barnes. To be honest I much prefer cloudy days for my photography now because it gives me greater flexibility in subjects and images.

In the above image the two swans are displaying ‘necking’, which is normally part of the bonding process in a mating pair. It seem that this was either a new pair or just confused as it is quite a while before the next mating season. The male? was quite busy protecting one of the lagoons from any other Mute swans and kept me entertained for quite a while scooting here an there, chasing off interlopers.

Male Mute Swan

When he wasn’t chasing other swans he was bonding with his partner. I nearly got the classic heart shaped space between the swans in the image below. I just needed the one on the left to turn more towards me. It never did!

Pair of mute swans


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