Blue sky

Unfortunately we haven’t been seeing much blue sky recently. Here in Wales it has been pretty wet, but not as bad as Cumbria. The image above was made at WWT Welney during my quick visit to Norfolk. I will be off there again soon for a sound recording course. I hope to get some time to photograph the over wintering birds, but typically one of my long telephoto lenses and Nikon D300s are out of action at the moment!

This year equipment problems have been worse than ever before, but so has the repair service from both Nikon and Sigma. Both have been excellent in the past, but this year both have been poor. Equipment has been returned without accessories that had been sent with it, or the underlying problem hasn’t been fixed properly. It is incredibly frustrating and annoying when this happens, plus it gets expensive sending items back or having to continuously ring to find out what is happening or to get items replaced or returned. All my equipment is insured for these repairs but it is the time without them that is the hardest to deal with when the item should have been repaired successfully the first time! Sorry, whinge over.

This year has seen me photograph two Weddings and I have been sorting out the images for the last one for a good friend. I find that I prefer taking the less formal images where I can stand back and record the day, rather that the more formal set up shots. The set up shots are much more limiting creatively, plus controlling everybody is not easy!

Anyway, time to get back to the admin although it has stopped raining now so I might sneak out and take some photographs instead!


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