Branch patterns, Bishopston Valley, Gower

Although it is autumn at the moment, there is still a lot of green around although it was the pattern of the branches that was my main reason for making this image. It was taken into the light so some work was needed in the digital darkroom to improve the contrast. This is quite a chaotic image with no overall discernible pattern, but this is quite common in woodlands so I feel the image reflects this.

Caswell Bay headland, Gower

This view of the headland just above the bus stop at Caswell Bay shows both greens and some Autumn colour. I liked the different colour paterns and the faint zig zag of the leafless trees and bushes running up through the image. It was a pity that the wind was blowing as it was getting quite dark and a long exposure was needed so there is some motion blur on some of the branches.


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