Close up of a Many -zoned Polypore fungus

The world of macro photography always amazes me and I wish I did more of it. I don’t know why I don’t, as it requires no more than a close focusing lens and not much else. Suitable subjects are all around and it can be carried out in all weather.

The bands of colour caught my eye, so I made these the main focus of the image. Other views didn’t seem to show these as well if I composed a wider image. Even though I used a polariser there is still some shine on the damp surface of the fungus, but I don’t think it is too distracting.

Grey Poypore Fungi

The second image is based more on the pattern of the fungi rather than the fungi itself. It was the contrast of the white underneath of the fungi against the dark tree trunk that attracted my attention. The image makes the underneath of the fungi look lit up with flash or a reflector even though I didn’t use either.


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