Whiteford Sands & Burrows, Gower Peninsula

All this clear blue sky is getting boring now – I want clouds back! I couldn’t even rely on aircraft vapour trails to provide any interest, plus the volcanic ash isn’t visible either! I was hoping to try and make an image with the last rays of sun highlighting the dunes only, turning them red/orange. I got close to making an image?like that last year, but it still wasn’t quite right. Anyway, last Saturday it didn’t happen either as when the sun lowered towards the horizon, it seemed to lose all strength and the light went very flat and dull due to mist, cloud?or pollution on the horizon. It was difficult to tell which one it was. I did produce nice colours out to sea though.

Sunset at Whiteford Sands, Gower Peninsula

Whiteford Burrows and Sands always allows lots of detail images to be made with?a wide range?of subjects present.

Pine Cone, Whiteford Burrows, Gower Peninsula

Occasionally you get lucky as well. I had decided earlier not to get too close to the birds on the beach, but luckily they decided to fly relatively close to me instead. Luck does come into the following image as the wing positions are close to ideal on all the birds and there is a nice spacing between them as well.

Whimbrel in flight


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  • Marion Carney says:

    Have just found a photo of “whales on Whiteford Sands” Llanmadoc. 7.5.1934. Whales washed up on beach. Anyone interested?

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