Field of Ground Elder and Burnet Saxifrage at the WWT National Wetlands Centre Wales

Close up of Spear Thistle

I’m not sure if these photographs taken at the WWT National Wetlands Centre Wales work as images. Both are very busy visually even though I opted for a shallow depth of field for both. I think the photographs capture the reality of the situation, which was actually quite busy visually, but whether this is too much I am not sure.

Cloudy days are always the best for taking plant photographs as the contrast is reduced and the colour saturation is improved as well at the same time. I always use a polariser whenever possible to help remove any reflections on the leaves, plus?it also?saturates the colours as much as possible in camera. Typically cloudy days result in slower shuter speeds and this is when plant movement can become an issue. Your patience will be tested at times?so resort to a piece of wire and cane to anchor the plant. The Wimberely?Plamp is a ready made hi tech version of this and works very well. Sometimes it could do with a longer reach though.?

The WWT National Centre Wales is a great place for flower photography as it has a wide variety of easily accessible flowers, plus if you get bored of flowers there are always the birds even though there are less of them in the summer.


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