Welsh Moor20150124_DCS5524

It was getting close to dusk when I got to Welsh Moor, so I knew my subject options were limited. With the sky a clear blue, there wasn’t going to be much interest there, so I needed some thing bold to put in the foreground. The bare trees are quite interesting and remind me of the position and sizing of blood vessels when looked at under a microscope. The complete silhouette of the tree works better I think than the image where some detail is visible in the trunk (see final image in post) as it is?too obvious what it is compared to the image above.


Welsh Moor20150124_DCS5499

When the moon came out and even though it was only a small crescent, it provided some interest in the sky. By using a wide angle lens, it distorted the position of the branches closest to the camera and made it look as if they were arranged in?a crescent around the moon.

My final attempt at a tree image (above) fell slightly in between what I think it should be. It should either be a complete silhouette like the first image, or be lighter and show more detail in the trunk area. I think I may play around with the processing again to see what I can get.

Welsh Moor20150124_DCS5517


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