Whiteford NNR20150705_DCS7611

The wild geraniums around Gower are quite abundant at the moment. Apart from an extreme close up image, I don’t feel that I have taken a photograph of them that I really liked. The above image is my latest attempt and one of my better efforts. It is certainly different?from the others and comes from a?lower perspective than my other images. The backlighting has helped remove a distracting background and highlighted the colour of the petals. I’m still not 100% sure about it though.

Whiteford NNR20150705_Panorama

My panoramic work is coming along and now I have started to combine it with my shallow depth of field landscape work. All my panoramic stitching software really struggles with the blending as there isn’t much detail for them to use for alignment. With a bit of a helping hand, it got there eventually.

Whiteford NNR20150705_DCS7705-Pano

With Whiteford being relatively flat, especially on the marsh side, the panoramic format will be very useful in recording the view. The recent high tides cover the whole of the marsh and enter the fields through the broken medieval sea wall. The tidal flooding is already having an effect with most of the trees and bushes within the new flood area dying off. The walk along the sea wall is still not restored, but it allows a view that makes you feel that you are right out in the middle of the flooded marsh.


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