Sunset over Clyne Common, Gower Peninsula

These are a couple of images made one evening after a few hours in the office. The light was nearly gone so I only managed a few frames. Clyne common is quite expansive, but with no outstanding features. The wider view below doesn’t work as well because there is nothing really to hold the viewers interest. I tried to place the dark gorse bush at a point that the thirds intersected, but the plain sky doesn’t help either. With my liking for a few clouds, I think that they would have helped give it some more interest. The above image is more successful as the horse provides some interest, plus a medium telephoto lens has compressed the perspective and removed some of the empty space seen in the wider view. It still has the feel of the common, even though a smaller section is being isolated in the photograph.

Clyne Common is an area that I have not covered much as I usually pass it on the way to another location. I think it warrants a bit more coverage in my photo library, so hopefully a few more visits will allow a few more ideas to develop.

Clyne Common, Gower Peninsula


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