Bluebells, Ilston Valley, Gower Peninsula

Had a great workshop today in Iston Valley. As usual I didn’t take any photographs, but I had looked around a few days ago when I managed to make a few images. The bluebells have just come out, but are quite patchy as is normal in the valley. The wild garlic is just about to flower, so it will be perfect in about a week. It was a bit disappointing that the garlic?were not fully out, but some patches in better light had flowered allowing some plant portraits to be made.

Blubells, Ilston Valley, Gower Peninsula?Dandelion, Ilston Valley, Gower Peninsula

Apart from the flowers, on the bird front, we saw Dipper, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, Buzzard, Robin, Goldfinch plus the usual Tits and Blackbirds. No images I’m afraid as we always saw them too late plus we didn’t really have the lenses for them today.

Lady's Smock/Cuckoo Flower, Ilston Valley, Gower Peninsula

There are plenty of Lady’s Smock/Cuckoo Flower around at the moment. The petals can be white or have a slight purple tinge to them. I tried in the image above to get a slightly different view from the usual plant portrait, and used a shallow depth of field to emphasise the flower facing directly towards the camera. I was concerned the neighbouring flower would be a distraction, but it has worked out okay by being close to the upper right third if looking at the image with the rule of thirds in mind.


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