Orange tip butterfly on Cuckoo Flower

I had a 1-2-1 tuition a few days ago which I held at Tintern Abbey near Chepstow. My client was coming from the other side of the River Severn in England, so it was easier to meet at the Abbey. I haven’t been to the Abbey for ages, and will need to return to make some images. After the tuition I tried to go up to the ruined Tintern Church on the hill above the Abbey to make an image looking down the valley towards the Abbey. Unfortunately the view was obscured by trees, plus I got completely distracted by a very amenable Orange tip butterfly that I found resting and feeding on some Cuckoo flowers in the old graveyard. Images of the Abbey were forgotten as I concentrated on the flowers and butterfly instead.

I often talk about “working a subject” on my courses, so I stayed with the Orange tip butterfly for a while and made images with different lenses and angles to try and get as much variation in the images as possible. Some ideas worked and others didn’t, but it was a useful lesson to try and maximise my time with a cooperative subject. The images below show some of my efforts and hopefully show how you can “work a subject”.

Vertical image of an Orange tip Buterfly on a Cuckoo flower

Wider view of an Orange Tip butterfly on a Cuckoo Flower

Close up of the Orange Tip Butterfly

Around Tintern, Spring was more advanced than on Gower. This provided plenty of opportunities to show the new spring growth on the trees and arrival of spring flowers. Gower has started to come on recently with the spring flower starting to develop well.

Lady's Smock or Cuckoo Flower?New leaves developing on a tree

Lichen patterns on a gravestone

Spring growth on the Wye valley trees


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