Bluebells, Clyne Gardens, Swansea

The weather couldn’t have been better for the Day course in Clyne Gardens yesterday. Last year it was too bright and sunny, so this years cloud was most welcome as it allowed better conditions to make great plant portraits etc. Cloudy weather really enhances the colour saturation and with the use of a polariser to remove any reflections from the leaves and to enhance the colours, it gave great results. All my pictures were taken on my digital compact, but even so the colours are still great.

Clyne Gardens, Swansea?Azaleas, Clyne Gardens, Swansea

There was some drizzle later on in the afternoon, but it cleared the air slightly and gave some water droplets on the flowers and leaves to give them some extra interest. The entrance to the Gardens is always colourful, so it is difficult to move on to other areas in the park. This year we managed to move further into the park before lunchtime than last year, so I think we are getting to see more of the park as well!

Azalea flower close up, Clyne Gardens, Swansea

Course participants, Clyne Gardens, Swansea

This hasn’t been set up, but it is amazing what strange things can happen when joining one of the courses. Notice how both have taken up a position on a rule of thirds intersection! All my comments on composition are rubbing off! By the way the tree had great bark with lichen and moss on it, plus some new leaf development. Once the ideal composition was found the tripods would be set up for the final image.

New leaves and Lichen on bark, Clyne Gardens, Swansea

It was joked that there is enough to photograph in Clyne to have a 3 day workshop, but I hope to finalise some new Garden Photography courses that I hope to announce in the near future. A few details still need to be thrashed out, but hopefully they will start next year. If you? have the chance to visit Clyne Gardens in the next few days, then do so as it is looking great!


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