Oxwich Burrows behind the bay is a great place for wild flowers. Usually there is a great view of Cowslips and Bluebells intermixed in a field along side the road. This year it was not a very good display unfortunately, even though the weather conditions were better for photographing it. Some of the flowers on the Burrows are still in their infancy, so it will probably be best to visit in a few weeks when the orchids will be fully out. I played around with the unfurling bracken for a few images, like the close up above. I think it needs a bit more depth of field to improve the image though.

This is a slightly more classical view of bracken fronds. It is amazing how much can be seen when using a macro lens. I spent a minute or two watching the ants running over it searching for food before making the image. They appear in a few frames, but being out of focus and slightly blurred due to motion, they became a distraction in the image.

Typically as I framed this image up in the camera, a gentle breeze started from nowhere. It took me a few frames to get a sharp image as it was relatively overcast and a slowish shutter speed was required.

Because of the breeze I started looking for plants closer to the ground in some of the sheltered dips in the burrows. These yellow flowers caught my eye and how they mimicked the shape of the young nettle head slightly. I’m not great in identifying some flowers, but believe this to be a type of vetch or Bird’s foot-trefoil. If anybody knows what it is, please let me know.


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